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Like the entire book industry, the Wiley publishing house faces the challenge of reaching its main target group, students and young adults between the ages of 14 and 29, and inspiring them for the Dummies brand. The year 2017, in which the black and yellow book series "... for Dummies" celebrated its 25th anniversary in Germany, was a good occasion, for the dummies to become visible with a sharpened profile and their brand promise "learning made easier" in an attractive online shop.

Reasons for the decision for Drupal were the simplicity of continuous content maintenance and the integration of various content formats (text, podcasts, quizzes, "Daily Dummie") as well as the possibility of easy integration of book-specific systems - and all this with full creative flexibility.


• Easily maintainable online platform in black and yellow dummies design
• Online Quiz "Wissionär" with joker, 50/50 and shuffle functions with questions and answers from the dummies books to learn playfully and with fun
• Embedding podcasts (excerpts and clips from the audiobook program)
• "Daily Dummie": Every day a comic from the Dummies books - and thus the wide range of topics in the book series - is presented and offered for sharing in social media with reference to the respective book title
• News section with new publications, book tips, interviews with authors, on current occasions in a tonality that fits the brand: easy to understand, professionally sound, never overbearing, instructive or sarcastic, always with a wink and the Encouragement to approach a specific field and learn with joy and success.

technical challenges
Drupal 8 while only a few contrib modules were stable
Decoupled architecture for online quiz to achieve "mobile-native-like" effect.
Sophisticated design and front end development
Drupal Community Post
Convinced the customer of Drupal's performance and prevailed over alternative solutions.

Development and contribution to relevant modules: animations

trio-group ( is involved with contributions on as well as on Drupal events. The company is also as a sponsor and host of events such as Drupal Business Days. We are a member of the Drupal Association and Drupal e.V. as well as a founding member of Drupal Business Germany e.V. and supporter of Drupal Bulgaria.

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