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BG: Coding Girls е организация с нестопанска цел, която провежда разнообразни курсове, срещи и практически занятия по цял свят. Броят на жените в  IT сферата постоянно расте с помощта на мероприятия в различни краища на Европа и Coding Girls са едни от инициаторите на подобни мероприятия, като ги правят безплтани и достъпни за всички момичета.
Основната мисия на Coding Girs е да предостави възможност на повече момичета да започнат да програмират, да се развиват и да изградят кариера в сферите на технологиите, управлението и предприемачеството. Също така организацията се старае всячески да мотивира и вдъхнови жени от света на технологиите да обучават и да бъдат ментори на по-начинаещи момичета и дами.
Coding Girls води своето начало от Пловдив, България, като вече самоинициативни групи, припознали каузата като своя, организират Coding Girls и в Манила, Филипините.
Trio Group подкрепя проекта, като осигурява присъствие в уеб пространството чрез и предоставя място за част от курсовете в своя пловдивски офис. Много често лектори за обученията и ментори на младите момичета са били служители от компанията.


EN: Coding Girls is a non-governmental organization promoting an increased presence of girls and women in the tech, leadership and entrepreneurship. Our programs are aimed to prepare girls to become the role models of the next generation. Although our target are girls and women, everyone who supports our mission is welcomed on our meetups and events. 

From the first workshop of 16 girls to 1000+ members in several months, Coding Girls is constantly growing globally with new communities, increasing the number of girls and women in tech.  

Follow Coding Girls (CG) journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned for the upcoming events, latest tech news and discounted & free tickets to the major tech events. Join our club Coding Girls The HUB AUBG and help CG on a mission to increase the number of girls and women in tech and make the tech field more inclusive and diverse.


The purpose of Coding Girls website is to have a transparent and clear web presence for creating and growing Coding Girls Communities worldwide with tools that empower local community leaders to self manage coding clubs, members and events within the platform.

Technical Highlights

  • Community Groups with different roles for management, posting, content moderation
  • Event Management System with Registration, Wait-List and Communication Interface in 2 main forms: Meetups, Workshops, Seminars on one side and Camps and Conferences for more granular and advanced event management. 
  • Corporate Communities and University Clubs with Partner Management (Managing Internal Events, Adding Users, Sponsors, Media,..)
  • Newsletter Integration with Mailchimp to send Newsletters targeted & personalized to Cities and Communities
  • Facebook Integration for Login and Registration
  • Social Sharing Integration & Facebook Comments
  • Twitter Sharing and Text Highlight to Share function
  • URL Shortener 
  • User Points & Gamification with Badges to unlock Achievements
  • Slack Integration to notify about new content and comments.
  • SMTP Integration for Email Handling.
  • Google Analytics and SumoMe Tools Integration
  • Google Maps Integration, Geocoding and GeoIP handling
  • Apply for Roles - delegated permission handling
  • Passwordless Login
  • Drag and Drop Frontend Builder
  • E-Commerce implementation to handle orders for Swag Packages to Communities
  • Referral System for Ambassadors - Unique referral link for every user and clipboard.js
  • Invite System, to invite people through the website via email using the referral system
  • User and Job Profile - with Percentage of how complete the profile is
  • Individual Dashboards for Community Leaders.
  • Slideshows
  • Automatic Backups
  • Resource Center with Feed Importers.

General Functions

  1. Each user can create  User Account (sign up with an e-mail or Facebook account) that enables her/him to apply for different roles which provide additional functionalities: mentor, speaker, volunteer, club facilitator. sponsor or partner
  2. Activities: Writing blog posts, adding and managing events, managing communities, clubs and partners. 
  3. Contribute: Volunteers contribute frequently with new articles and event organization while partners provide resources and sponsorship to host events.

The section Communities.

Coding Girls Communities are sorted by the names of the cities. Each city can have clubs, events and partners. To join the club, it is required to register with the Facebook or an e-mail. 

The website is linked with social links of Coding Girls such as Facebook and Twitter. It allow user to see the Social Network Channel just with one click of the button. 

The section Organization.

It consists of:

  • About us: Here the mission, the vision and the values of Coding Girls are stated. It is possible to get in touch with the manager of the website by sending an e-mail or calling via mobile. 
  • Team - The managing board of Coding Girls is featured here. Each of the members of the board is presented with a profile photo, full name and a position title. The club leaders and ambassadors are shown in the same way. 
  • Programs - An overview of Coding Girls (CG) programs: CG Meetups, CG Workshops, CG Hackathons, CG Summer Intensive, CG Week Intensive, CG Clubs.
  • Newsletter Sign-up - It is allowed to sign up for a newsletter via e-mail.
  • Jobs -Actual jobs for CG organisation. 

The section Events.

Website visitors can find and register in this section for Coding Girls events.

Every user can add events which need to be approved. Club-Facilitators and Community Leaders can add new events without approval.

Each event has a date, location, time, a possibility of uploading an image and a description of the event that are visible to a user (potential participant). 

If you are a manager of the event, you have extra rights and functions that are not visible to everyone:
These functions help manage registrations, partners and sponsors, limit the amount of participants, open/close registrations, enable wait-list, send a reminder for an event directly to participants via email, send an email with a feedback. Such functions help organizers keep everything under one roof and manage registrations as well as track event participation. 

In this section you can see who has registered for your event by ID, Email, User Account, Count (How many tickets), date, State (Complete or Wait list) and perform actions like View a registration, Edit a registration or delete it.


In this section you can manage the settings of an event. Enable stands for making registrations possible for the current event. Capacity is the maximum amount of people who can register through the system. Scheduling allows you to define from when until when the registration is open / possible. Once the CLOSE DATE is reached, people won’t be able to register for events any more. In this section the user can also send notifications to all participants.

The section Clubs.

Each user can apply to join a club that he or she can visit. Clubs are sub-communities which have club managers and members. Managers can approve, add and remove members as well as moderate content.


The system allows club and event organizers to create feedback forms for each individual event to improve the organization.

Discounts & Tickets

Coding Girls provides discounts and tickets for events like Webit, WeAreDevelopers and Web Summit, allowing community members to claim discounts or free tickets through the system.

Job Profiles & Company Matching

Coding Girls provides users the ability to fill out their job profile, which is being matched with high profile positions by companies who provide and support diversity and inclusion.


Contribution to the Community:

Thanks to the solution we managed to engage with the Drupal Community and even got invited to DrupalCon as speakers and organizers of meetups. Within the platform Coding Girls already organized several events like Drupal Global Training Days and Code Sprints which resulted in contributions to the Drupal Community. Also we wrote an event report about DrupalCon Vienna and created a video where we interviewed women from the Drupal community.


Thanks to Drupal, we managed to create and develop our community website and grow to 1000+ members within several months. The rich functionalities which allow volunteers to engage and to self-organize communities and events helped us to host more than 50 events around the world in just 6 months.

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